About Us

About the company:

Allu’luah Marine Tourism is a tourism company, which operating in the marine tourism industry and would be involved in offering boating tours, wildlife watching, coastal tour, sunset tour, island watching trips and fishing. We currently have our boats in “Almouj Marina”, which would enable us to entertain the tourists by taking them through the beauty of Oman Ocean and its islands.

Business Objectivities:
  • To deliver best possible experience to the tourists by conducting different activities with a team of experienced and professional boat crew.
  • To provide customized tour packages for special occasions such as birthday parties and picnics and as per the interests of the tourists.
  • To carry out the activities with safety without causing any damage to the environment.
  • To gain recognition by providing them a memorable experience, which will motivate them to visit again and opt for the different activities offered by the company.


Our company aims at leadership in the marine tourism industry by delivering services, which will provide the customers with a memorable experience.

Mission Statement:

— To provide wide spectrum of activities in marine environment such as scenic boat cruising, board-sailing, wildlife watching and many other activities through our well-experienced captain who creates great experience for all the guests.To provide interesting, informative, and unforgettable trips. In addition, to add an optimum value to tourism in Oman.

Services Offered:

The company would specialize in conducting different types of activities, which include

  • Island watching trips
  • Coral reef snorkelling
  • Sunset trips
  • Full moon trips
  • Coastline trips
  • Fishing trips
  • Dolphin trips
  • Private boat trips
  • Customized tour packages for special events such as birthday parties and picnics

Key Employees and Company Structure :
The owners of the company are:

Mr: Arif Nasser Bani-Uraba – (Executive Manager)

Mr. Jamal Nasser Al-Sulaimi –(Technical Manager& Tour Planner)

Both have good experience in the tourism field.


Beside that the company has a small team who would manage the overall technical issues.

It is a small team of work, but they are efficient and skillful

Role: Executive Manager: (Mr. ArifBaniUraba - Partner)
  • Planning of business strategies and overall management of the business.
  • Doing financial procedures.
  • MBA
  • His background of experience is (26) years at this position.

Role: Technical Manager& Tour planer (Mr. Jamal AlSulaimi - Partner)
  • Look after technical issues of the boats.
  • Planning of tours to different marine attractions and also plan customized tours depending on interest of the people.
  • Has educational background of coastal and marine tourism.
  • Has adequate experience in scuba diving.
  • His background of experience is (18) years at this position.

Role: Boat Captain (Jamal Mabrok – Captain)

His background of experience is (12) years at this position with a full skills about technical failures of the boat.

  • Operate and command boats on a set path
  • Take the safest route by determining geographical positioning
  • Maintain navigational equipments and instruments.
  • To ensure the safety of the passengers
  • To ensure all the facilities in the boat are as required.
  • Direct and supervise safe loading and unloading of passengers
  • Maintain navigational equipments and instruments.
  • Taking care about customers.
  • Helping customers for snorkelling.
Skills and Abilities
  • Completed certified course in operating boats
  • Technical knowledge about boat maintenance
  • Effective judgment and problem-solving skills
  • Good communication skills

Besides these employees, the company will have onepart time guide who will be able to guide the passengers about the place of visit and provide them the background of the location and tell them some interesting facts about the location if needed. The company will have outsourcing housekeeping staff to ensure the boats are clean and tidy. And also, check for any changes required in the seats or any other upholstery and report it directly to the Executive manager.