Dimaniyat Islands (A`seeb)

The Damaniyat Nature Reserve is a natural habitat for unique wildlife populations surrounded by crystal blue waters and pristine sandy beaches. These islands are visited by several endangered species, including frequent visiting birds, in addition to the diverse coral reefs.

The Dimaniyat Islands Reserve is one of the first nature reserves in the Sultanate of Oman proclaimed by the Royal Degree No. (23/96). It is located north of Muscat and east of WillayatBarka. Lies within its borders are the waters surrounding the nine islands.


Objectives of the Dimaniyat Islands Nature Reserves :
  • To ensure the protection of wildlife and their habitats so as to give them an opportunity for breeding and to ensure renewal of natural resources.
  • To conserve models of wild environments for scientific research , environmental monitoring and education.
  • To give opportunity for future generations to enjoy the wilderness areas.
  • Optimal utilization of the islands’ potential tourism.

  • To collaborate with the local fishermen communities to promote the economic and cultural benefits in a sustainable manner.
  • To raise the regional environmental awareness about the importance of preservation of the marine and terrestrial environments and their natural resources.
  • To provide efficient scientific and practical training to university and college students and volunteers and to encourage and facilitate all types of scientific and field research.